Classes in New York

Since 2000, the ASPCA has been an East Coast Affiliate of Pet Partners®. Within the NYC area, the ASPCA helps to carry out Pet Partners’ mission by providing a full-service program to the public in which individuals can take classes and register their dogs and cats as therapy animals to visit hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, libraries and other facilities. Classes are currently postponed due to building renovations. Email to be put on the interest list:

BIDEAWEE - Manhattan + Long Island
Become a Bideawee Pet Therapy Volunteer and share the love of your pet with others. A fun six week class helps prepare you and your dog for the Pet Partners® Evaluation.
For more information and to register by phone for all locations call 866-262-8133
Email contact for Manhattan
Email contact for Long Island

MICHELE SIEGEL - Upper East Side
Please contact Nancy for therapy dog class information with NYC therapy dog trainer. Michele Siegel who is a Pet Partners licensed instructor and master evaluator for 20 years.
Classes are held on Saturday mornings on the Upper East Side:
To register, please contact Nancy at tel: 212-535-2211

JANE KOPELMAN - Upper West Side + Staten Island
Please contact Jane Kopelman for NYC therapy dog class information on the Upper West Side on Wednesday evenings and at Bideawee. Jane Kopelman is a therapy dog trainer and Pet Partners licensed evaluator for 20 years. tel: 917-699-0177


Information regarding Pet Partners

Pet Partners© Therapy Animal Program registers handlers and their dogs as a team once they have completed either a one day workshop course or the online course. Evaluation arrangements can be made separately with a Pet Partners licensed evaluator once completing one of the courses. Dogs must be 1 year old to be evaluated and have lived with their owner for 6 months. Dogs cannot be fed a raw protein diet.

  1. One day Workshop Course (humans only, no pets): The Pet Partners' Instructor-led Workshop is presented as an 8 hour one day interactive handler course. For those interested in volunteering with their dog, this human-only Workshop fulfills the handler-training requirements for the Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Program. Students receive a copy of the Pet Partners Student Guide, Certificate of Completion and the Registration Packet.

    For information and reservations, please contact Nancy George-Michalson, Pet Partners NYC Therapy Animal Program Coordinator 212 535-2211

  2. Complete the Online Course: For handlers who cannot attend a workshop, Pet Partners offers an Online version of the Workshop Course. This course includes a downloadable student guide, additional support documents with interactive activities, videos and knowledge checks to reinforce learning that will help handlers understand the necessary skills to visit safely and successfully. Students that complete and pass the overall assessment will receive a Certificate of Completion and the Registration Packet. To register for the Online Course, please visit

Angel On A Leash ( organizes therapy dog programs in several partner facilities around the country, including the New York City area. Angel On A Leash can help you find a therapy dog training class that can prepare you to volunteer in one of those facilities, or to volunteer at other facilities, too.

There are a number of therapy dog training programs in this country, but Angel On A Leash recommends Pet Partners® (formerly Delta Society). Prospective therapy dog teams are required to pass the Pet Partners Skills and Aptitude Test, available in many locations. For more information, see

Greer Griffith is Director of Programs for Angel On A Leash, coordinating our volunteer programs and facilities partnerships. Contact her for information regarding the training sessions and volunteer programs at Angel On A Leash partner facilities.

Greer Griffith
Office: 646-259-3811 ext 3
Cell: 718-536-0053