Thank you for your interest in Angel On A Leash and therapy dogs.

Angel On A Leash requires its therapy dog teams be certified and registered. It is important to understand that different facilities have different credential requirements for therapy dogs.

Basic obedience is the first step toward certification. Pet Partners® (formerly Delta Society) offers training and evaluation in many cities. Additionally, some dog clubs offer Canine Good Citizen (CGC) training and tests. On the right of this page you will see a link for Angel On A Leash partners.

To find out about therapy dog registration requirements, please contact Pet Partners® (

Angel On A Leash currently has a number of contacts across the country. Click here to find an Angel On A Leash Partner near you.

General Information
Greer Griffith
Director of Programs
Toll Free: 877.DOG.ANGEL (877.364.2643)
Local: 646.259.3811
Angel On A Leash
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1009
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